Welcome to the Kimball Fitness Center!

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

This quote couldn’t explain the process of the new home for the Kimball Fitness Center any better.

A little over a year ago, the old Longhorn building downtown Kimball was on the verge of being demolished; however, Shane Hays (a Kimball native) had a little different idea. He made an offer to take over the old Longhorn building and thankfully the city council and others voted in agreement with this. The building which is currently 80 x 80 was a bit of an undertaking to say the least. Over the last year there were many trips to the dump. Many nights and weekends spent at the job site. Countless hours planning, designing and building. Trying to vision what the Longhorn building could offer the community of Kimball.

That’s when the idea for a fitness center came to mind. The Longhorn was big enough. It was at an ideal location. The opportunity was then available to take ownership of the current Kimball Fitness Center.

The Kimball Fitness Center at 105 South Chestnut Street is currently owned by RECK Investments. RECK Investments is operated by Shane and Haley Hays in honor of their four children Reese, Emma, Creighton, and Knox.

We hope that the renovation of the old Longhorn building into the new Kimball Fitness Center will bring the community of Kimball Nebraska a place that allows for a safe and happy place to be healthy.

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